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Secure Code Review

Secure code review is the process of auditing an application’s source code to ensure that proper security controls are in place, functioning correctly, and applied appropriately. This method helps ensure that the application is built to defend itself effectively in its operating environment, adhering to secure development practices.

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A secure code review can be conducted manually or automatically, focusing on identifying security flaws or vulnerabilities within the source code. This review process involves checking for logic errors, ensuring specification implementation, and verifying adherence to style guidelines, among other activities.

Automated Code Review

Automated code review uses tools to scan the application’s source code based on a predefined set of rules to detect subpar code. This method allows for the rapid identification of issues, making it faster than manual reviews. Automated tools can quickly scan large codebases and provide real-time feedback to developers, helping them catch vulnerabilities as they code. Advanced development teams often use Static Application Security Testing (SAST) tools, which offer additional insights and assist in fixing vulnerabilities before code is checked in.

Manual Code Review

Manual code review involves a detailed, line-by-line examination of the source code by a human reviewer. This method is more strategic and can identify issues that automated tools might miss, such as context-specific coding decisions and business logic problems. Although manual reviews are time-consuming and labour-intensive, they provide a deeper understanding of the code’s context and can uncover subtle vulnerabilities. Combining manual review with Quality Assurance (QA) tests enhances the overall security assessment but still might miss some scenarios.

Best Practices for Secure Code Review

The most effective secure code review processes combine both automated and manual approaches. Automated tools efficiently scan large codebases and provide quick feedback, while manual reviews offer in-depth insights into specific issues. By integrating these methods, development teams can achieve a comprehensive and robust security review, ensuring their applications are well-protected against potential threats.

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How NhanceGRC helps you in your Source Code requirements?


  • Conducting comprehensive automated scans
    Utilizing advanced tools to swiftly identify potential vulnerabilities in the source code.
  • Manual code inspection by experts
    Experienced developers meticulously review code line-by-line to uncover logic errors and security flaws.
  • Identifying gaps in security controls
    Thoroughly examining existing code to ensure security measures are correctly implemented and effective.


    • Implementing recommended code enhancements
      Assisting in the integration of security improvements based on review findings.
    • Developing secure coding guidelines
      Creating and maintaining best practice documentation to guide developers in writing secure code.
    • Providing training on secure coding practices
    • Educating development teams on how to identify and mitigate common vulnerabilities.


      • Continuous code monitoring and reassessment
        Offering ongoing review services to ensure new code adheres to security standards.
      • Regular reporting on security posture
        Providing detailed reports and metrics to support informed decision-making and track progress.
      • Periodic full codebase reviews
        Conducting regular comprehensive reviews to maintain a high level of security across the entire application.
      • Supporting regulatory compliance
        Assisting in ensuring that the codebase meets all relevant regulatory and industry standards for security.

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